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History of Lander

In 1920, Charles H. Oestreich along with two partners founded LANDER® Co., Inc. Oestreich devised many innovative ways of manufacturing and distributing quality, inexpensive cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes targeted toward cost-conscious women. The company was the first cosmetic manufacturing firm to base its prices on the cost and overhead of an item instead of what it could bring in the market. LANDER® started marketing perfumes heavily in the 1930's and 1940's. Among the perfumes they introduced were "Romantic Days" in 1943, and "Samezi-Soir" in 1950. By the 1950's LANDER® owned and controlled over thirty brand names and four subsidiaries including Lundborg Perfumers Inc. and Mac Gregor Men's Toiletries Inc.
Since, 1920, LANDER® has been a leading Brand for quality value brand Health and Beauty care products. Until today these quality products are available to consumers all over the world. LANDER® manufactures national brand equivalent Health and Beauty products as well as some premium exclusive brands like LANDER Essentials® and LANDER Plus® skin lotions in Mexico. Today, LANDER® is distributed in over 70 countries. 

Over the years, LANDER® has evolved through several different ownerships, but has always remained true to its core mission; providing high quality health and beauty care products at value prices. Today, the LANDER® brand in most jurisdictions outside the USA is owned by Oleander Brands International LLC.

The LANDER® Brand is most responsible to all of the retail and wholesale partners, to the consumers and the environment. Product formulas are tested in independent laboratories to insure the highest quality standards. Animal tests are never permitted and recyclable packaging is standard.


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